The future of shopping

Present decides the Future ! Great saying by Mr. Me

Shopping in 2030 would be greatly amazing and innovative. Dreams can become true here. Yes I am talking of a Trend that may be the shopping Trend/Technology, which may be integrated in the 2030's by the ebay (the electronic-bay). And yes its coming soon ......

Yes Technology that supports Shopping has reached skies, that has enabled shopping from one end of the earth & delivered at the other end by just a click. 
Thanks to the developers of various Technologies being integrated in this journey of e-Shopping.

And coming to my topic "The future of shopping" :

Yes in the coming future, a Technology would  be developed to analyse & Capture the Thinking of a Person and would be integrated into the Mobile Phone Technology, eg. A person thinks of buying S4, which would be transcribed into an Order Cart along with the decription of the product to the customer through the ebay Mobile phone App & which will automatically pop up and ask the user to confirm his order. The user confirms his order! ....
That's great within few hours the User gets his dream in reality and enjoys the S4 gadget. 

Hurray !! The User Jumps realising the amazing Shopping Technology introduced by ebay
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